Installation & Consultation


Available through TheCoachVogt.Com only, are Installations and Consultations. Are you looking to increase team and individual productivity?  Do you want to have more success offensively, defensively, and on special teams?  Are you looking for ways to enhance your off season program for your players, or maybe your own personal strength and conditioning program?  If so, then take a look below at what is offering!


  • The Widezone blocking scheme
    • Can be fit into any offense
    • Great for less talented lineman
    • Eliminates penetration
    • Keeps you ahead of the chains
    • Free copy of “Installing the Wide Zone
  • The Speed-T Offense
    • An extremely effective variation to the tried and true wing-T offense!
    • Stress defenses with a lethal edge attack paired with a punishing and quick hitting inside run game.
    • A complete passing attack used to take advantage of the defense when they sell out on the run game!
    • Free Copy of “The Speed-T Offense
  • The Pro-T Offense
    • 104 Formations that can be installed in 2 days of walk through
    • A Lethal Blend of Pro style and Wing-T offense
    • Devastating Play Action Pass Attack
    • Pro-T Quick Game that targets run happy defensive backs.
  • The Multiple 3-4 Defense
    • Keep offenses off guard with multiple defensive looks out of one base call
    • Effectively blitz and stunt with the Tomahawk Pressure System
    • Be gap sound against all offensive formations and play systems
    • Multiple coverages including: 2 read, quarters read, 3 read, man, hard 2 and cover 3
  • Simple but Strong
    • Eliminate wasted time in the weight room and get on the field practicing your sport
    • Use simple effective methods to get your team stronger with direct carry over to sport
    • Eliminate unnecessary teaching progressions in the weight room
    • Accumulate volume that leads to massive gains in strength and size of your players


  • Offensive Evaluations
    • Will identify areas of need
    • Provide guidance in increasing production in areas of concern
    • Provide a guide that will show you where to focus and where to trim, so you can be effective on offense
  • Defensive Evaluations
    • Will identify areas of need
    • Provide guidance in increasing production in areas of concern
    • Provide a guide that will show you focus points
    • Correctly placing personnel for effective defensive play
  • Player Development
    • Use film evaluations to determine points of emphasis for increased player production
    • Provide a system to increase the individual production of the player or group of players
  • Personal Strength and Conditioning Systems
    • Provide a simple, effective strength training system fit to your individual goals that will not require endless hours in the gym or unneeded stress thinking about percentages, calculations or useless exercise selection.
  • Diet and Meal Prep Consultation
    • Provide guidance in selection of diet guide to fit your lifestyle
    • Weekly meal plan examples for up to three months

Please Contact Coach Vogt at or on twitter here @thecoachvogt when your ready to take yourself or your team to the next level.